Thursday, April 12, 2012

Seattle, Skanks, and Birchbox

I love my effin city! I am not joking you I could orgasm all over Seattle!
I freaking love where I am from and all the people in it!

You wanna see some of the most craziest?! Dirtiest, AWESOME dressed people in your life come to Seattle

if you need more convincing see here 

I have known this chic for 3 years! we met on New Year's Eve 3 years ago on a boat in Lake Washington
She has the BESTEST hook ups. 

Literally i didn't spend a dime the 2 nights we went out probably to 6-8 different bars had dinner (well french fries and wings) and all the drinks we could ask for

bill please! $0.00

Her father is some big wig in Seattle and every club owner, high fashion merchandise purchaser knows him.

Hi, I am S****'s other daughter

After getting partied out I did spend some quality time with my dad, we live in the most beautiful outside city where I have an amazing view from right down the street
Mt Rainier...flippen amazeballs

Oh HAII!!!! 

Brandon is obviously an amazing photographer

After the festivities in Seattle I cam home to have my Birchbox!!!!!!

Cannot wait to use that nail polish! I think it's a whale grey color and I absolutely love love love it!

To finish up the evening I was recent told that my puppy was a "chubba Wubba" now I am not too vain...

well yes I am, this fur child mommy will not have a fat fur child. ever

Puppy is now getting exercise and a diet, which i feel really bad because she loves eating steaks, cheez-its, pickle's, chicken, and olives

now she has to eat dog food. YUCK!

Fat dog is gonna get skinny!!!!. Bitch. 


elizalouise.bell said...

Jelly that your BB came already! I am waiting patiently for mine...

You're such a hottie, I hate chu. (But not really...)


Raven said...

tay I love you.

you're a hot piece of ass.

thats all.

Ashley said...

So jealous of all you ladies in the states...I wish BB would ship to Canada! Glymm is LAME compared to BB. Hardly anything good - this will be my last month with it.

BTW - you have some wicked curves girl!

Holly said...

such a smokin hottie!

Amy Childress said...

i have those same black boots in the first picture of u!!

that white dress looks smoking on ya tay!!

i hope all is going well with ur wedding planning!!
i cant wait to see all the lovely photos!!

Amber said...

I am LOVING that white dress!!! So freaking adorable!!!

Hope you had a great weekend, and if you are in the mood, I tagged you in a post this afternoon :)

Have a great day!

MessyDirtyHair said...

Cute pictures! U are so pretty. Adorable blog, new follower!

Xo Kelly

undomestic chica said...

I should have known you'd know Calle. Small world.

Lippy said...

Hey princess! YOu look hot in that dress. That was the night we hit Tia's and ran into Eddie right?! Haha Dad got them hookups! I'm a lucky girl to have a dad like him
And a friend like you!