Wednesday, October 12, 2011

mothers that bathe their baby's...

 Well as you can read below I started my own home business

with Arbonne!

They are AMAZING all vegan certified products! 

So what I am getting at now is we have a "Baby Line" 

Do any of you mom's out there use Johnson and Johnson?

Now you buy these products because..well they ARE directed towards babies, but also you know you can trust that your baby will never have tears using this line!

am I right?

Now have you looked at what makes these products tear-free?


There is a mild ingredient of anesthetic in their shampoo that will numb your baby's gentle little eyes to make them "tear-free" 
I only knew that word because I had that when I got my boobs done!



I know me personally anything I have done to alter my body I wouldn't want anything even close like that to my baby (whenever that hypothetical baby comes)

So, please mom's check out Arbonne's vegan line of baby products that has substances that make the shampoo Ph Correct  to your babies eyes

Check out these awesome products! 

Ask me how to get 20-35% off!!

or keep putting tit numbing on your baby's eyes...


Mrs. Mama said...

yay for home business! and i NEVER knew that!

Lindsey said...

Totally not ignoring your email, Im so excited for you!! I think I may have be drunk in NOLA when I read it on my phone?? Details are blurry but my goal tomorrow or tonight is to get caught up on emails. Have a great night. THIS IS GOOD TO KNOW! I'm going to let my nephs mom know. HOw much is the baby wash???

Raven said...

Taylor. seriously??? I don't want tit numbing cream on my babes precious eyes. say it aint true.

Taylor said...

The whole kit is $78.00 otherwise for just the baby wash is $22.00
If you would like i can send you some samples of it?

Raven-I am putting together a "treat" bag for you! will send out Tuesday