Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My best Texas Beezy

I wanted to just take the time and recognize 2 of my most amazing Beezy's
This girl I met when I started working for the railroad in 2009. She sat at her little cubicle on the corner, while I sat in front dealing with all the weirdo's that walked through the front door. 

She is most unique, flamboyant, hysterical, analytical beezy I know!

Alissa invited me out one night and I was a little worried, I didn't know what type of person she was, at work--very professional! Me- I say exactly what comes to mind whether it be good or bad. mostly bad cause I have a potty mouth

Alissa and I quickly bonded! She makes up SO many different word terms for odd things





Now I know I have some of these before and I bet you have as well. But hearing them from her and this voice she does it just makes me smile!

we share the same love of unicorns
but she is more in love with Dinosaurs
So what could I get her for her birthday?!

Alissa has this aura that draws people to her, we constantly talk about guys at work who are divorcing me for her. ( I know betch right) she brings up things around people that would make them uncomfortable but all they can do is laugh.

going out to lunch with 2 guys from work and asking "ok, which one of you is playing my daddy and which one is playing my crazy uncle?"

I can not stop laughing

She is seriously an amazing woman!
Never steered me wrong, she tells me all the douchebags I date and when they break my heart, she never tells me "I told you so, but she holds me when I cry and let's me know it's going to be alright" Not trying to sound like a baby, but true

I was thinking about her while the boyfriend and I were looking at rings (more about that later) 
but all I could think about is how this bitch better fly her ass up here from Texas (The best Mexican food. Dr. Pepper on tap. Beautiful ladies. Awesomeness everywhere you turn. The best fucking place on earth. Move there now!
Fuck you! I'm from Texas!!!)
and be my bridesmaid 

Alissa supports my spoon collecting fetish! She has bought me a spoon from Texas, Kansas(where she is from) Oklahoma, I believe Colorado, and maybe one other one.

We are going to grow up and raise unicorns together. Just wait!

Love you Alissa beezy!
She gave me my first shot of Patron!

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