Sunday, October 9, 2011

My Home Business!

I have OFFICIALLY launched my OWN home business!!!!

I have started my home business with Arbonne Cosmetics!! 

You haven't heard of Arbonne?

Let me fill you in...

Have you ever been driving on the road and seen a skunk? Opossum? Mouse? Deer? Coyotes? Squirrels? or even house cats?
I hope you have all said YES!

Well do you know what happens to these animals after they are scraped off the side of the road?

They are brought to plants where they put these deceased animals, even animals from farms! dead cows, horses, pigs, etc.

They boil these animals with intense temperatures of heat; then a process that subjects these creatures to extreme amounts of pressure to release the fat from the carcass. Restaurants will also add their old cooking grease to these plants. 

You can only imagine the most horrible stench that has to be moving throughout these plants.

The last step of this horrific process is to scrap that dead animal "scum or foam" from the top of these pots and sell them to prestige cosmetic companies.


I looked up a list from the top 100 cosmetic companies in the U.S
I selected just a few from the list that I own myself
1. L'oreal
2. Estee Lauder
3. Avon
4. Johnson and Johnson
5. Maybelline
6. Cover Girl
7. Revlon
8. Too Faced
9. MAC
10. Clinique

Now, how many of you can go to your make up bag, drawer, closet, whatever your preference is and pick out items from these cosmetic companies?
I am thinking most, if not ALL of you

ALL of these cosmetic companies are the chief customers of these rendering plants!!!

Now, you are all including myself are putting these products on our skin, which soaks into our bloodstream.

We are almost all half skunks right now


So let's talk about Arbonne!

This is an ALL VEGAN cosmetic company!
there NO FILLERS (dead animal scum)

I have launched myself this weekend with a total of 8 girls!
we had a great foot scrub Friday night with the "Pampermint" line
it felt amazing! warm water, the tingling peppermint, and suds swishing through our toes. 
I think I am ready for Christmas!

Everything Arbonne produces is made from Switzerland where Mineral Oil is illegal! so you won't be wiping crude oil on your body, which acts as a barrier for our skin to breath also found in most lip products, anything that says "petro" on the label. NOT GOOD

The smells in the ENTIRE Arbonne collection are smells derived from botanicals (plants) that are in the product. there is nothing added. You are rubbing pure mother nature on your skin!
The eyeshadows are to DYE for!
I spelt "die" like that for a reason

If the eyeshadow is purple-it's because there are purple plants
If an eyeshadow is blue-there are blue flowers in it
on and on...there is NO added ingredients! 

I want to show you what the eyeshadow looks like after wearing it for 8+ hours inside the hours for 5 hours and outside for around 3 hours
Please do not stare at my un-plucked eyebrows!!! 
and yes...those are MY REAL eyelashes! 
I am very proud of them
This is a shimmering silver eyeshadow with gold edging

This is the Solar Wind Eyeshadow quad
My lashes were topped off with my Arbonne Mascara, the brush is amazingly thick to make my lashes "Kardashian" like
I swear to goodness sake! this is my new new new staple!!!
Throwing away all of my other mascara!!

The face wash system is to die for
Now it may look like a lot of steps, but I promise it takes only a minute to get your entire face lathered, it takes so little of product, which makes this stuff last much longer. Also, with no fillers you are getting the entire product. you're not buying half a bottle of opossum juice.


I can not begin to tell you how much in just 3 days of switching to this make up has altered the way I see the way cosmetics are made! 

I really want to be able to share this all with my blogging world! 

If you are interested I can show you how to get some product for 20% off retail value! 

I am very excited to share this business
Brandon and I have been doing so much research to make sure this company is legitimate and it has been around for over 30 years!!

The woman who started me is named Dana, When Brandon and I went to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada we were all done shopping and went to our hotel room. A nice dip in the hot tub was just the ticket for our sore feet.
We get in the hot tub, I have my book, Brandon relaxing then this couple walks in I notice the girl is very pretty, her skin look absolutely amazing and her hair was perfect!
Their 3 children get in the pool, while her and husband get closer and closer to us and finally decide to get in the hot tub as well. 
I am MISS CHATTERBOX! i start asking where they are from, why they are here, what do they do..100 questions!
She had to be thinking "wow this girl is crazy, eh?"
She informs me she is a 2nd grade teacher in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada and on a side business she sells make up called "Arbonne" tells me all about it, I am thinking it is just like Mary-Kay or Avon right?
NO! much better since it is all vegan as well as a individual type business. 
If you sign up and decide to be a consultant, then sign other people up under you. they decide to do much better than you, they can pass you. It is not a scheme and so many get into these mind sets of something "too good to be true" I was that type of person but after meeting Dana; She has been doing Arbonne for 2 years and is getting her white mercedes in November!
She is a wife, a school teacher, has 3 children with extra curricular activities! She can do it I know I can

I am single...? you know what I mean

with a full time job and 2 dogs
what have I got to lose? and I have everything to gain! I encourage all of you to let me share this with you! I would love to get some contacts and send some samples.

I wish Raven was able to come to my launch party to tell you all about it. I will definitely be sending her some freebies cause I know she has a nice set up with more bloggers than I do! :)

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