Saturday, October 29, 2011

Sneak Peek to Halloween!!

I ABSOLUTELY adore Halloween, my favorite holiday in the entire universe...

besides my birthday
since it can be all about me!

I went to a Halloween Party Friday at my friend Shizz's house...
Ma-Shizz that is

I wanted something totally out there, one that NO one else could be so I wouldn't feel like a complete loser showing up with the same costume as someone else

That would just be a crime...
HAHAHA get it?!
Crime..and I'm a cop..
ok I'll shut the eff up...

I think I was just getting wasted...

I don't even know what to say about this shot...

Then a little before that I was Medusa...or something

Ya I tried...

.ugh shoot me now, i thought being a bloody flight attendant was I look back and thinkg. no. it. wasn't.

(Brittany!-Raven's sister)


We were TROLLS!!!!
Now I totally would put on here my entire awesome f*cking outfit..but I lost my iPhone at the party!
I will have to do a 2nd post tomorrow I guess once I get my phone and steal some pictures from the other party-goers

We had Snookie and Pauly D behind her...then this hot hooker we picked up just to make it interesting

I think she needed to shave though

Miss. Katy Perry and her cupcake tit are sticking out there in the corner

This hot effin smoking crack, beer drinking, oh and pregnant hot mess was there.
that night she gave birth in the back of someone's pick up

Maybe I should have just gone as Lady Gaga...

everyone thought I was the miss gaga herself...It's uncanny!

Tomorrow I have ANOTHER Halloween post since I am getting ready for ZOMBIE night tonight!!!!

can't wait to show you more and see everyone else's Halloween costumes!

hot sexay bitches!


Ashley Slater said...

wow you have awesome costumes! The troll is the best!!!!!! so original!!!!!!

love that you found me so I can follow your blog now!
thanks again for taking time to look at my etsy shop!


Bon Bon said...

Goodness, you guys go all out! I'm lame and not dressing up this year. Still eating a bunch of candy though:-) xoxo

Rebecca said...

umm you are so beautiful!
So I found your blog through pinkloulous and I love it! just followed =]

Jill said...

SUPER CUTE costumes girl! and I So wanted to be lady gaga or nikki m! maybe next year haha!

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...


Sorry for the all caps typing...but I'm super excited over these cute costumes. ;)

Happy Halloween, Beautiful! xo