Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Second Fancy Schmancy Halloween Post

Now I promised I would do my second Halloween post once I stole all my other bitches pictures from this weekend

So let's start!

The Trolls!
not smurfs.

not rainbow bright.

and not clowns.

Snookie and Pauly D showed up to grace us with their presence!

but after Snookie slipped me something so I would "Smush, Smush" with her, we ended up in a troll dance

I'm never taking that blue pill again!

My inspiration!
I would have gone naked, but we all know no one wants to see that!

I had a great Halloween night with my troll lova!

The comes real Halloween!
I threw the biggest bitchfit!

I go home.
decorate the outside of my house.
make a scary soundtrack to play through my windows.
change the lights to blacklights
put my troll outfit back on.
Sat for 3 hours.
drinking BY MYSELF!

for 1 trick or treater.

At least she was a cute little unicorn and made it worthwhile

I still felt like a douche sitting in my house getting drunk. as a troll. alone
I should have just went as a drunk spinster!
drink wine out of the bottle, wear sweats and pass out candy to kids and jello shots for their parents!

(don't steal my idea for next year but feel free to come trick or treat at my house for an abundance of jello shots to feed your face to help you last through the night of your wound up trick or treater.)

Thank goodness Erica came over so I wouldn't have to drink alone anymore.
we bundled in our snuggies, drank vodka, and watched....TWILIGHT!

no I have never had the Twilight fever even though I used to live close to Forks, WA
not interested.

Maybe if Edward was a little less pale, vampireish, talked a little quicker, and didn't look at me like he was undressing me with his eyes, also get rid of the glitter on your face. Not into that

then after all that was taken care of maybe I would consider "smush smush" -thanks Snooki!


Ashley Slater said...

holy crap this is hilarious! I am just picturing you all in your troll outfit drinking by yourself! hahahahaha...... at least you are the sexiest troll around!

well, we didn't get ANY trick or treaters so you one upped us at least!

p.s. did you ever see anything in my etsy shop you liked?! I couldn't remember if we talked about making something special just for you or not?!

Rebecca said...

I love your costume!! How could people not get that you were a troll?!

Michelle said...

Ok, you look so super cute as a troll!!!!

You beat me with your 1 trick or treater....we had 12. I have so much left over candy I am gonna have to break my school's policy on candy in the classroom because I'm certainly not gonna eat it all!!!!

Your pictures are awesome!

Have a great week!

Michelle @ The Vintage Apple

undomestic chica said...

The troll is super creative - good job! Too funny that you got all ready for Halloween for nothing. We didn't get any trick or treaters either but we didn't want any because our dog barking would wake our kids....wow, I've turned into an old lady.

Kelsey said...

haha I love your costume! Sorry to hear about your one trick or treater but your story did really make me lol to myself!

Jamie said...

A drunk, lonely troll doll. Love it.