Monday, November 14, 2011

My Engagement {Party}

Thank you Raven for my fabulous introduction to my surprise birthday party/engagement party!!!

I am sure now you wish you took Brandon's invite! 

I got proposed to on my 23rd birthday! I guess I don't have to worry about him ever topping another birthday surprise. It was totally amazing, shocking, tear felt, and heart warming...enough of the mushy stuff here's my engagement story...

I wake up the morning of November 10, 2011 after sleeping all night on top of a pile of mattresses with a small little pea at the very bottom that ruined my entire sleep!...Oh wait this is a different story...but in a way my morning started out waking up like a princess...

The Real Story

I wake up on November 10 feeling like a million bucks! It's my birthday! Everyone has to do what I say! I am leaving to go home to Seattle the next day, I got presents {wine glass from my mom saying "I may be late but I'm expensive"} a fleur di lis necklace courtesy of my favorite football team, some pink unicorn poop soap (don't ask), an ihome, and a jacket; then I also received a nice birthday breakfast served to me in the bathroom while doing my hair, a big bowl of whole grain cheerios. yum

I got to work expecting to have a million presents on my desk. 

I didn't. Those jerks, don't they know who I am?!

I decide to take a personal phone call around 11 since I hadn't heard my mom's voice to tell me Happy Birthday, which I need to hear, texting doesn't cut it! I am speaking with my lovingly amazing mom, when she all of a sudden has to hang up on me to do something...WTF! It's my birthday and you'll talk as long as I want you to talk..I walk across the hall to tell my boss this news and when I start to open my big fat mouth, my mother walks around the corner...she lives in Bigfork, MT ===>Spokane, WA 321 miles...

I look over my shoulder to the sound of high heels and there is this gorgeous tall woman! I embrace her in my arms and start to cry, I am so happy my mom came to my birthday! It was by far the best present ever! My oh so wonderful boss then tells me I have the rest of the day off for my birthday! 

See, I told you I was a princess!

My mom says we need to be downtown by 12:45...hmm I can not even possibly think what we could do besides a shopping spree!!!


We end up at The Davenport Hotel in downtown Spokane...

I am in shock this is one of the nicest if not THE NICEST, luxurious hotel in Spokane!

My mom valets her car, I follow her inside dragging my jaw as we walk into this glamourous hotel..all the way to the front desk, "Where is the Spa Paradiso, my daughter and I have an appointment at 12:45" she says.


We enter this spa...and my mom informs the woman of our appointments, I quickly glance behind the front desk and my Arbonne Beach Bag is sitting there with a Nordstrom box sticking out of it --

I would notice their wrapping anywhere!

The woman check's us in and grabs the bag telling me a gentleman had dropped this off...

Jaw still on floor.
Best birthday ever!

We walk to the serenity room get undressed, my esthetician comes in and walks back to get a facial...I am in heaven with all these scents and scrubbing that is going on. My face is soft as a baby's butt then comes the Clarisonic {asked this for Christmas)

I get out of my facial and am led to the next room for a 50 minute massage.

Really? Is this happening? Am I getting all this treatment for free!!!?

After my amazing massage, which was the best I have ever had, I am a wiggle worm and very ticklish. I didn't move an inch! I was so relaxed from my green tea and facial all I could think about was going into a state of pure serenity!

After my massage and facial, I meet my mother back in the serenity room where our manicurists come in and bring us out for a complimentary parrafin dip...WOW! Never had one and definitely think I am putting that on my christmas list as well.

We get a foot soak, rub, and pedicure I picked out a nice Christmas red, where my mom went with a black cherry.

After all this I am just in awe and feel so amazing! We head back to our serenity room to start getting ready for dinner...

Yes there is still more!

I get showered, cleaned up and look in my make up bag that some "gentleman" brought for me --
all of my Arbonne make up, hair stuff, accessories that I could use for this dinner...

except what am I wearing?!

Mom: "Taylor, open your nordies box"

Me: "duh"

I open it and there is a pair of hot pink feather earrings, a pink necklace to match and this amazing perfect size, one shoulder black dress.

Brandon picked it out for me to wear to dinner.

Holy Cow.

He did amazing!

Quick text "Meet me by the carousel doors at 5:15 so we aren't late"
got this at 5:20 %@#$!!!!

Mom and I rush upstairs as quick as possible looking for the carousel doors!
Hard to find in a huge ass hotel!!

Well not when I look to my right and I see a black stretch limo and there is Brandon stepping out of it.

My birthday rocks.

I can't cry because it was too cold outside damn November  

Brandon tells me we are going up to the South Hill to take some picture before dinner...

dum dum dum...

We head up there and walk out to the ledge that overlooks all of Spokane, it is gorgeous and very peaceful up there...but I want to get back in the limo as I am freezing my effin ass off!!

Brandon starts to kneel down while my heart falls into my butt...

Who honestly has a picture like this...? 

of course...


I want the bling bling!!!

So now the newly engaged couple is starving and needs to get these much desired lettuce wraps.

Now I know what you are all thinking...

and no...

I didn't pull a Britney

Not me...

So we go to one of my favorite restaurants PF Changs!
for the best Chinese food and lettuce wraps anyone could get!

With 20 of our closest friends all waiting to cheer for us when we walked in the doors

and of course my proud mama with Brandon's parents

The night ended, we got home and snuggled up in bed.

Goodnight my fiance.

Now to start setting a date, getting a venue and ideas to do for my wedding! Any ideas? Websites? DIY stuff? Please share!


Taylor said...

TAYLOR!!! I LOVE IT! ESP when you said your heart fell into your butt HAHAHAHAH!! You are gorgeous and I cannot WAIT to be in your wedding and just eeeeeee!!! so exciting! You are gorgeous and are going to be THEE MOST BEAUTIFUL BRIDE EVER! Hurry up and have babies!!!!!!!!

Taylor said...

hahahhaha ok so that was obvs me commenting but I am signed in under you so it looks like you commented yourself that haha!!

Ashley Slater said...

YAYYAYAYYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!! commence wedding planning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

awww!! congrats!! Looks like you had THE best day ever!

Raquel said...

Congrats!! What an amazing day you had! :)

Stephanie said...

I love Raven and now I have to love you too. This is by far THE best proposal story EVER!!! Total brownie points for mom AND fiance!! You must have been on cloud 9..or 10...or 11!! SO exciting!! Congrats girly!

Tamara Nicole said...

CONGRATS! And that black dress is amazing:-) Sooooo exciting!!!

Amber said...

Congratulations! How perfectly romantic!

Joeylee said...

CONGRATS girl how romantic!

Katie said...

congrats!! being engaged is a blast at first .. :) I got tons of ideas off of and just googling stuff (but I didnt have a blog when I was engaged - I am sure there are tons of awesome wedding blogs!)

hope that helps!!

Casey said...

Congratulations, Taylor! You look beautiful and what a romantic FIANCE you have on your hands!

lauren said...

ahh! that was so sweet and romantic. you're just gorgeous and y'all make a darling couple!

can't wait to get to know you better!

you see.. any friend of raven is a friend of mine. even in the blog world!


Elizabeth said...

Congratulations! You looked gorgeous in that black dress!!! Very happy for you!!


Holly Marie said...

Aww congrats! :) You looked great in that black dress and your fiance did an amazing job!

I'm planning my wedding too and I google everything. Some websites I love are . You can also find venues on

For the smaller stuff look at etsy and pinterest and look at all different sites for different prices :)

Let me know if you need any more help/advice and congrats again! You're going to make a beautiful bride!

Kelsey said...

wow this is perfect! he did an amazing job on the outfit you looked hott! Congrats!

Kodi said...

I just found your blog, through a blog, through a blog, and let me tell you... I am in love.

Thank you for not being too censored or sappy.. Thank you for being fun.

Oh, and congratulations on getting engaged!
Your newest loyal:) haha

Emily said...

Oh my goodness! How exciting, I am a new follower! Pinterest has great ideas (DIY, pictures, etc) if you're on there... if not, I can send you an invite if ya give me your email!

Congrats again, SO exciting, such a fabulous day!

Young and Fabulous said...


this is perfect. perfectly planned. absolutely amazing!!!

you are one lucky girl! :-)


Jeremy & Megan said...

I'm a new follower (Thanks Raven!)

THIS is BY FAR the CUTEST engagement story ever!! Your hubby-to-be and mama did such a good job planning!! CONGRATS!!! What a special day to remember and I LOVE LOVE the pictures you got being proposed to! AMAZING!! Congrats again!! :)

undomestic chica said...

Congrats, Taylor! I meant to email you and say "Happy Birthday" but I kept getting distracted....what a bad blog friend I am. SO happy for you!

Mrs. Julius said...

Congrats! That is the best birthday present ever! That is so sweet how he picked out your outfit. You look hot! Happy Wedding Planning! Check Pinterest for DIY ideas! :)


Pamela said...

Oh my goodness!! I love it. How freakin sweet!? You're gorgeous girl!

Earnestine Novick said...

Without a doubt, your birthday was nothing near a spur of the moment kind of day. It was all well-planned by your thoughtful fiancé. The limousine was a nice touch. You must have felt like a million bucks, especially riding a standard super stretch limousine that is usually preferred by the rich and the famous.

Earnestine Novick

Nick Flasher said...

No doubt your party was a nice occasion in your life, and we have missed that one. you are a gorgeous girl...

Nick Flasher