Thursday, November 17, 2011

Bridesmaids, dresses, Peacocks....

I am officially in my wedding bliss state of mind!
My average day consists of the following:

1. Getting up saying "MORNING FIANCE!!" really loud and obnoxious

2. Getting in the shower singing some song I made up " I love my fiance! yes I do, I love my hunny boo boo and he loves me too..." and I make up words as I go...while the fiance is still sleeping
he loves it.

3. Going to the grocery store to get a new bridal magazine

4. Go to my office and start googling everything I can working

5. Decide what I want my dream wedding to look like...

and now my thoughts!

and not just because I have some sort of satisfaction with the second half of that word

oops too much..?

I want a full blown peacock wedding!!!
have my bridesmaids wearing, greens, blues, and purples!

This will be my inspiration!!!

I have been looking at some amazing websites that I wanted to share!!!

I encourage every fiance < god damn I love that word
to get this book!!!
it has step by step instructions on a stress free way to build your wedding day the way you want it, but also giving you tools to finance! which I believe means a lot to MOST brides...unless you are like moi where I just have oodles of money to spend on whatever the eff I want!!!

I wish.

Anyways back to the book
Laying the foundation
Making it Beautiful
The Big Event

These quizzes are so fun!

here's my results

The Casual, Inclusive Bride: You seeks some tradition but looks more toward intimacy, sentiment and inclusion of others. The wedding experience for you is meant to be shared with those you love and celebrated in a way that is affordable and manageable. While you might want a mid-sized affair, it can take just as much planning as a formal event; yet you are more likely to choose a slightly alternative approach � a penthouse loft space instead of a hotel, or a rooftop or garden.

I have been talking with another soon to be bride Holly
We have been exchanging websites so much this week and found one I think we can both agree we love!

To see more of my ideas right now visit my Pinterest. My girlfriend Suzie has been amazing about putting stuff on my board!

I would love anything and all Peacock stuff!!

BTW...Raven I think you will be wearing this as my matron of honor

I knew you would love it!
not too over the top but very nice...

This is my first wedding post! I want more ideas!!!!!


Pamela said...

Loooove the peacocks. I so would have done it too!! The dresses will be gorgeous!

Lindsey said...

I love that last dress. Gorgeous! Really. And Raven should totally rock it. Such an exciting time. I bet you cannot stop pinning things on Pinterest.

Rissy said...

pinterest seems to be a bride's dream come true!

I'm so happy for you!

and seriously Raven, you could rock that! Loving the peacock theme Taylor


shay said...

love the peacock theme, so cool!

i used pinterest for so many wedding ideas too! they have great stuff!

happy planning! do you have a date picked out?

Amy Childress said...

i love the peacock theme!! so gorgeous!!

loveing it all.. excited..
i remember when i was planning my much it was an overload of ideas. i did everything myself..
my theme was Rustic Texas(i love my state THAT much)

cant wait to see what your dress looks like? what are going for?

Young and Fabulous said...

OMG i love these colros and this them!! SO FRESHY FRESH! and new! ive never seen this before and i think its fabulous

i wander over to the wedding section everytime in in borders and my bf is like um yeah

pinterest is a good site...prepare to get really addicted haha

i cant wait to see what youve decided!

oh and when can i come hang with you and raven? i am in freakin love with that chick and im sure you are JUST like her!! :-)


Holly Marie said...

woo hoo :) Like I said, LOVE the theme and LOVE that website you gave me. Soo much fun :)

Laura said...

OMG! I am SOOO happy I discovered your blog! I live in South Carolina, I'm new to blogging, and I LOVE the Seahawks.....especially #6: Charlie Whitehurst!!!!
Charlie used to be quarterback for my fave college team Clemson, so of course I had a wee little orgasm when he started to play for Seattle.
I was born on Whidbey Island....have u ever visited???
Love...Love...LOVE your blog Hun!!!

Tamara Nicole said...

Oooh as a wedding planner I LOVE your thinking already:-) The bouquets are stinkin adorable.

Congrats!!!! You have a FIANCEEeeeee!

Tamara Nicole said...

Pssst Raven would look fabulous in that dress!!!

Miranda said...

Love the peacock theme! such gorgeous colors!

congrats on your engagement! new follower

Raven said...

ahhh I LOVE that dress! ha but yes, probably too much for a wedding. I mean, I might totally take all the focus off YOU if I wore that number. ok so already planning your bachelorette party. It is gonna be SO AWESOME!

Jeremy and Megan said...

LOVE the colors and peacock theme. That will all look really good in pictures too!

That cake is SO different, I love it!! :)

I'm not sure what your budget is but my fav places for BM's dresses are: Jim Hjelm, BCBG Max Azria and Cache. I like that they are not cookie-cutter bridesmaid, are cute, can be tailored and MOST importantly can be WORN again! Something your BM's will DEF appreciate!! David's Bridal has cute dresses too, but the quality sometimes isn't as good, and it is HELLA expensive to get them tailored at the store!

Brooke said...

Peacocks. Yes, please. Love it!

Mrs. Julius said...

Love the pea-cocks theme! hahahah. your wedding is gonna be beautiful. can't wait to see it all come together! happy planning! seriously wish I had Pinterest when i was planning my wedding... :)

Wenni Donna said...

Nice blog! Your routine is quite good and peacock theme is just fantastic. My sister is also of same behaviour and recently got married at one of New York venues. In her wedding we had hired professional wedding vendors that prepared everything fabulously.