Monday, November 21, 2011

Wedding Planner Giveaway!

So I literally Booked my wedding planner 2 hours ago, it showed up on my doorstep in a nice box with the letters a-m-a-z-o-n across it.
I tear it open and there is my wonderful wedding planner in my hands, I can just smell her sweetness fill my nostrils.
Now I can't even put her down

Want to meet her?

Of course you do!...
She is gorgeous isn't she?!!!

So I was told my amazing cousin Ashley (I wish she blogged, stupid beeyotch doesn't know what she is missing)
Anywhoozers...Ashley told his book was highly recommended by tons of the bridal venues that were planning on going to the The Wedding Show Seattle She gets lots of emails as she is sort of a party planner herself downtown. Very chique so I had to buy this book, plus Ashley is asian, so I was totes sold since she is so smart! (that's a compliment BTW)

I have read the first chapter of this already and I would love love love to do a giveaway!
I understand how expensive weddings can be, but I would like any bride-to-be, please you must already be engaged to email me and I will use the nifty random chooser thing and send you one of these books. My wedding gift from blogger fiance to blogger fiance!

My first blurb in my book is my inspiration, I don't know why but now Queen Victoria is my idol.

Oops I mean this Victoria
Sex Icon.

The blurb from my book

On February 10, 1840 Queen V. took weddings to a new level. First of all, she's the reason brides wear white. Before her they would simply wear their best dresses, but a pure white dress says, "I've never been worn before and probably won't have a very long life," and the Queen recognized how special that could be. 
And then there was the opulence. Victoria's train was so long it took twelve train-bearers to get her down the aisle, and her wedding cake is said to have measured three yards around.
But most important, hers was the first royal wedding to take place after the advent of photography. What that meant was that brides all across England finally had something to emulate, an extravagant wedding-day dream. Beyond the lace and orange blossom (more wedding traditions can be placed back to her), she left an even more important legacy. The Queen wasn't known for her looks, but on the day she married her Albert, she was radiant. Her appearance convinced the world that every bride could be beautiful. And that testament to the transformative power of love  still holds true today.

So thank you Queen Victoria for making me not want to be an ugly bitch in an ugly dress and have fugly pictures.

Here's a shot for you!


Raquel said...

I wish i was getting married soon! :( haha. Sounds like a great planner though!

Holly Marie said...

lovelove! emailing you in a bit ;) ps love me some posh too.

Amy Childress said...

i wish i wouldnt have given all my mags away!! i could send them too u.. i had so many books about weddings it was ridic.. i got married May 21, this year.. so it was crazy. I assure u will have the best MOH to help u with all ur needs, AS well as all us here in blog land.. cant wait to hear more!! TWEET me bish.. or text. but idk u know my number.

hollaaaaaaaa xoxox

Impulsive Addict said...

Wedding planning is stressful yet fun!! Enjoy it. The wedding part goes too quickly. =(

Anonymous said...

I'm completely, 100% in love with post. but you are hotter. way hotter. what is it with you and raven being so hot? bishes.

Tickled Pink said...

Ohh I loved planning my wedding. Have so much fun girl!!

Ps- I just realized you like in Spokane. One of my friends from college lives there!!

Laura Darling said...

How exciting! Have tons of fun planning!!

Lay said...

New follower... just stumbled across your blog - Love it! I'm getting married myself and I have that planner! It has seriously been my bible.

kennady said...

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Anonymous said...

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