Saturday, November 19, 2011

Confess Sesh...licking, pickles, and bubble butts

This is my very first confess sesh!

I was thinking about all the idiotic things I do and what things I couldn't live without in my life

This was all done on my drive to pick out my wedding venue...which I found and it is absolutely amazing!
Saving that for a bigger post

So Confession sesh here I go!

Confession 1
When my puppy wakes up and starts licking my ear it feels better than my fiance

Confession 2.

Oh wait was that first one a little too far...? maybe I should have put it in the middle
I will NEVER eat ay type of asian food without using chopsticks

Confession 3
I sometimes will speak a different "language" in the mall so those hand lotion people won't bother me
I make up gibberish as I go

Confession 4
I sometimes act deaf in the mall so those hand lotion people won't bother me
I honestly love though when I text while doing this and they will yall "you have a cell phone!!"
I didn't know deaf people couldn't text...CRAZY!

Confession 5
I watch so much Modern Family I want to strive to have a family like the Dunphy's

Confession 6
I could eat a pickle everyday, twice a day, 3 times a day. I absolutely love them and even do the pickle in the tree!
Confession 7
I have little hairs on my feet to my toe and I shave it.

Confession 8
Every time I see a lit candle I have the urge to stick my finger in it and then pull the dry wax off of each of my fingertips

Confession 9
I take more naughty pics for my convenience of staring at my bubble butt and fake tits

Confession 10
I feel like I just made myself look like a hooker in the last confession.
So I confess I love making people uncomfortable to laugh

Now maybe since this is my first confess sesh...I should open up a questions blog... so ask me anything!!! and I will answer in my first VLOG! next Wednesday

Have a great Saturday!


Sabrina Says said...

Loved your confessions! And seriously... if I had a nice body like yours, I would be taking pictures of myeslf too!! DAMN GIRL. DAMN.

I'm right there with you on the pickles. I LOVE them! It was actually my nickname when I was young. My brother and I ate a whole costco sized jar in one sitting.... GROSS, but awesome. :)

Can't wait to meet you tomorrow!!

Sabrina Says

Lindsey said...

I love your bubble butt and boobs too, but especially your abs. NOT FAIR!
I love pickles as well, I have a huge costco sized jar of them in my fridge at all times. yummmy

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

Woop Woop! Love this! I, too, am a pickle fanatic...always have been. I would eat those suckers for breakfast lunch and dinner. Yum.

Also, where the heck did you get that smokin' bod?! Certainly not from eating pickles...Jealous. Super jealous.

Happy Weekend, pretty! xo

Nhart said...

I would just like to say that I have in no way a good body but I still love to take naughty pics as well. I think it makes us feel sexier and more like a woman. P.S. I love my boobs lol. Congrats on the engagement and awesome blog

Rebecca said...

haha love the one about the people in the mall! I will pretend I'm talking on my phone to avoid them

Tickled Pink said...

Haha... Too funny. I love pickles too.. Especially the whole ones they sell that you can just walk around and eat. Delish! Ps- you are too gorgeous girl. Seriously!

Raven said...

oh my tay tay. You are showing the blog world your nasty side! ha!! LOVE YOU! And you do have one rocking body you BITCH!

just kidding you know I love you.

Holly Marie said...

You already know I LOVE me some pickles too. The thing about the mall is totally true. annnd HELLO girlfriend, your bod is smokin'. I'd show it off too ;)

Ashley said...

i TOTALLy want a family like the dunphe's. they're so awesome right?!

and holy confession #9! dang girl.

so i'm the creepy person that just added you on facebook. I tried sending you a message but new facebook wouldn't let me.

i've been texting all day with raven and Sabrina and apparently we're all coming to your wedding so i thought i should get to know you. jk ;) anyway, looks like you and sabs had such a fun meetup this morning!! and i'm loving your blog - how did i not know abou this way before now?!?!

Bon Bon said...

ugh. the hand lotion people. and the cell phone people. and the hair people. so many people to dodge at the mall. I just don't make eye contact:-)

Whitney said...

Gurrrl that body is smokin hott!! You rock those boobies and booty all you want. :-) I also have the same hair growth on my toesies. I shave them

Amber said...

Your body is insane and if I were a rapper I would totes cast you as my main video ho. And I shave my feet too. There, I said it. You are hilarious.

Elizabeth said...

Hahahahahaha! I just pissed myself laughing! Gosh, I just love you!

Killer abs btw!!

Rolled Up Pretty said...

Okay I just found your blog, you are hilarious! Newest follower! :)

Ashley said...

That was probably the best confession post I've ever read...or at least the funniest! Thanks for the laughs!

New follower here!

Ashley said...

Oh gawd, I guess I have to admit to the toe thing too. Shit!

Britt said...

Im obsessed with Modern family too.
and hot damn girl, you fine :)

Janna Renee said...

I am SO going to speak gibberish to the kiosk people next time! They drive me insane!