Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Churchills, Parking Ticket, and Motorboating


My night has been fantastic!!!! 
This is by far the best wednesday ever!!!

1st off I am finally apart of the awesomeness text thread and my phone is blowing up!!! with
These are the most hilarious bitches I have ever talked to and makes me thankful to have new friends like these guys. Why do states have to be so far apart...except Raven and Sabrina...

SOOOO...To get one with the next part!~

I decided I need the biggest nastiest bleu cheese burger my life has ever dreamed of...where could I get this magical tasty-ness in my mouth
then I get a text as if a gift from god from Sabrina-"Churchills has burgers for $7 on Wednesdays"

was this my calling or what?!
So I grab the Fiance right when he gets home to go out for this beautiful burger

Made it there safe and sound thank god after I made my disgusting lip syncing video which will not be played on here
So then the fiance and I had to celebrate being at Sab's bar
I tried to order my caribou lous - from last post...but the fiance wouldn't let me because he said i get emotional

So we decided to just go with a nice night of Mai Tai's
After 3-4-5 or I don't know how many I am feeling pretty good...well actually really good and my lips went numb..which is a good sign?

So after these feeling good drinks and amazing bleu cheese burger, we decide it is time to go home, we both have very important jobs to attend to...

I get a mother F#cking ticket on my car!
It was issued at 5:52 pm!!! umm the sign...
Does that not say AFTER 5PM!...what the eff!!!

So I have a $19.00 ticket that i am going to raise hell over because it is not fair and the sign doesn't lie!

After I have my bitch fit in the parking lot about this parking ticket

we get home and it's lovey time
This is how we love on eachother...until the marathon...
then it may seem a little more like this

yes i use self tanner that why my palms are orange...and I took this picture for Erica to show her I love pickles.

SO this was the recap of my Wednesday night!!! 
Tomorrow is GLITZ and GLAM!!!!
Goodnight peeps!


Ashley said...

bahahaha Tay i love you to pieces!

the pickle
the marathon
the bitch fit over a $19 ticket

all reason why are awesomeness wrapped up in a perfect brunette package!

Ashley Slater said...

oh my gosh, I can't wait until you wake up and read this over again! haha

and i loved the video! and I will NEVER look at the word marathons the same way again!!!!!!

Young and Fabulous said...

pickle...BJ marathon....nunga nunga youtube videos...everything about everything is just fabulous hahah and i am so happy to have gotten to know you!! where have you been all my life!!!


Amber said...

you are not right...thats why I luvs you so much:)

Amy Childress said...

BAHAHAHA your pickle picture. very hot.. we text. ;) jk not glad u had a wonderful wednesday, love ur cheer pose on the first picture, i was the mascot in school. we were called Jackrabbits, yah sounds tough huh?


Brooke said...

I absolutely love your blog. I love Raven so I mean, how can I not love you, right?

And congrats on the engagement. You and your man are adorbs.

Elizabeth said...

Hahahaha! You better fight that ticket girl! I threw a fit over a $16 one before. Not my proudest moment. Haha!

And that pickle picture, too funny! Can that go on your wedding announcement!?

Holly said...

bahahaha holy shitballs Taylor, I think I love ya! lol lol lol you are too funny! and marathon?! GET IT GIRLLLLLLLLL <3