Thursday, December 1, 2011

Boob Tube Thursday

So as I conclude my Thursday festivities of work, work, text all day at work, hard core make out session, home.

I was in much need of getting my "funny on" and decided I needed to share my most favorite YouTube videos

and no my little text thread THAT youtube video will not be posted.


I'm making pancakes

The Oregon Trail -we all played this right..?

Come on now and take chance come on please do that booby dance

Jizz in my pants

These are by far my pass time at work! plus who doesn't love The Lonely Island?!
Look up "Do the Creep" it won't let me embed it, f%$#ing nazis!

The Oregon Trail- Brings back the fond memories of skipping part of 1st grade to stay in the library "checking out books" when really I was bribing the little boys I would kiss them if they would just let me play 5 more minutes. Skankin it up early

Now with the "look at me now" vids. I am totes thinking I need to do my own and I am trying to write up one that has to do with far

"look at me now, look at me now, I'm following bloggers. Look at me now, look at me now. This isn't myspace. Now I am bloggin all day and all night, looking for another girl but not to start a fight. can I follow your blog your pretty little thang then be my bish when you get in this ring..."

it's a start right?...hmm maybe I will work on this rap and then get really fricken wasted one night and do it on youtube. make my shit legit T-M


Holly said...

hahahaha LOVE your rap. and those videos are funny. I like the pancake one.


Ashley said...

oh my gosh i LIVED for oregon know theres an oregen trail app right? i will now never get any work done!

Superficial Sanctuary said...

just came across your blog, new follower...obviously because these videos were great. i thank you for posting the blue-footed booby video because my boyfriend will love it....we have a running joke about this animal. yeah, we're not that cool.