Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I am alive from Christmas!!!

This is a short and sweet posting since I am sitting here at the Phoenix Airport waiting to board our flight back to Spoka-loo!

 We had an AMAZING time in Arizona! it was hot, we laid by the pool, drank margarita's, wine, duck farts, Coors Light, and Hooegarden (the best wheat beer I have ever had)

It was rough getting adjusted to the heat when I have been so used to the cold thee past couple months, so We actually slept a lot!!! I never ever ever ever take naps and on this trip we would go out in the morning and come back to our Casita and chill out for a few hours, then back out to do it all over again!!

I can not wait to share what I got for Christmas, my lover dover hunny bunny boo boo (don't tell him I told you I call him that) got me the best presents before we left for Arizona! Then on Christmas morning in Arizona he gave me a brand new pair of Ray Bans, I have never owned designer glasses because I am so afraid of losing them, wrecking them, or losing them at boat races. I swear if Raven and I could drain the Columbia River just right by our dock there would be more than 20 pairs of designer glasses! He also got me the movie Dolphin Tale! I am so obsessed with these beautiful creatures and this was the most perfect gift he could have gotten me! if you haven't seen it you need to watch it! You can actually watch the dolphin itself here how amazing to know what these people did for this Dolphin! The story is great, the movie is great and definitely one for the family to watch!

then more and more drinks. I think we had a buzz going the entire trip and I did fail and throw up...but that just leaves more to drink! 

I am cutting this short since we are boarding! I can not wait to catch up on everyones blog and see how everyone's christmas was!!! 

I would like to add if everyone would please say a prayer for my friend who is going through a small bump right now, I can not say what or who on anything but just say a prayer that her prayers get answered.


Alyssa said...

Praying for your friend! Have a safe flight home!

Holly said...

Safe travels and definite prayers for your friend. xoxo

Raquel said...

Glad you had a great Christmas!!

Brooke said...

Safe travels!

Jill said...

awe love the pics and haha the end pic too cute!

prayers for your friend!! xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Safe travels girl! Thoughts for your friend too!