Monday, December 12, 2011

How the GLITZ stole Christmas Blogger swap Presents!

Glitz and Glam!!!!

My Glitz and Glam partner for the gift blog swap was Suzie Q didn't say your real name wasn't sure
She got me AMAZING Christmas tree decor!
and it is the only thing on my tree since I won't be here for Christmas I am a scrooge about decorating it when I don't get to enjoy, so Suzie Q you have decorated my tree and given me the best gifts!

My very first Tree Topper!
Did she not hit the nail on the head with the glitz and glam!?!?

Then I got 2 packs of ornaments!
Pink snowflakes
Silver Snowflakes

Like I said So Glitz and Glam!

Along with the hearts for my newly engagement
I am loving this girl!

She got me a pickle for my tree!!! My most favoritest food in the whole wide world I could live off of pickles!!! as well as the best little thing for when you have kids. You hide the pickle in the tree and then whoever the first child that finds the pickle in the tree, gets the pickle present! 1 extra gift than the rest! normally a movie or something that could be for any of them! I love this! I especially love winning the pickle this year I am hiding the pickle myself and Brandon will just have to give me the pickle present.

Then I received this amazing stocking that is fantastic as I do not have a stocking for my new house
My card came with an ornament as well
Did she not do an amazing job as a Glitz and Glam partner?! I am so happy i got partnered up with her thank you so much to my cousin, Raven and my friend Lindsey for letting me participate in this! I had so much fun!

Merry Christmas!


Lindsey said...

Hahah the last pic was best. Love him popping in. K umm that tree topper and all the glitter ornaments are to die. I needddd that heart one. And the pickle!! Find out where she got them and ill love you forevs!!

LindsEy ... 'Preciate you!

Ashley said...

um i went to school with "Suzie Q"!!! We were RA's together AND she lives in Atlanta now - how is that for 5 degrees of separation?!?!

Love that pic of B - Hilar!!

Talk to ya in the AM chica! :)

Young and Fabulous said...

EEEE so so awesome!! i got the same pink snowflake and the AMAZING glittery card!

ya know...i saw a pickle ornament in pier 1 and almost wanted to buy it and send to im glad suzie q did! haha :-)


Arielle said...

Haha you got it good! Love all your swap stuff!
New follower:)

Anonymous said...

I love the pickle ornament idea, too cute. Looks like you got a bunch of goodies :)


Raven said...

YES!!!!!! the pickle!!!!! omg that is the greatest ever.

freaking love you. see you in t-minus 5 days bish.

Ashley said...

Love* the Christmas decorations!
And the whole pickle thing-- I never heard of it.. such a cute idea and yay for getting the 'pickle present' (even if it is by default)

We aren't getting a tree or putting anything up besides our stockings (gotta have stockings-duh!)

Whitney said...

I love the tree topper!

I saw at Hallmark, they have a pickle ornament. It has a face on it, and even talks.

Ashley Slater said...

ah you got awesome stuff! my family never did the pickle tradition but I am SO doing it when I have kids!

I won't text for a while since I know you and B are probably dead to the world due to the sleeping pill!

love you!


Heather said...

super cute stuff!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

love the pink glittery ones :) happy to have found your blod from a momma's desires!

Impulsive Addict said...

What a fabulous partner! I saw a super cute pickle ornament the other day. I should have purchased it. I could eat pickles daily. And the fried ones dipped in ranch make me drool.