Monday, December 5, 2011

Weekend Wine Walk!!


What better word is there than that?!

Brand, Raynee, Daniel, and myself went to the Davenport Hotel in downtown Spokane, remember that hotel, if not thats where I got ready for my engagement which you can read here.

So on every 1st Friday of the month downtown Spokane ACTUALLY  gets cool and they host a wine walk, where you start and one location and make your way around Spokane to the different wineries, such as
Caterina Winery and Barrister Winery

We start at the Davenport Hotel and there are 12 Christmas trees with diferent decorations and prizes under all these trees. I mean AMAZING prizes! $4000 cash, with tickets to the Spokane Symphony, facials, massages, and 2 night stay at various hotels. I can't even explain how much there was to win. You buy a pack of tickets $1 per ticket and you read what each tree has to offer and if you are interested you drop your ticket in the bin and they are doing a drawing this coming Friday (12/9)


Being as we went with a group of friends we all agreed if any of us won we would split everything or share the hotel packages. I think that is only fair. Though I would love to be the bitch and just take everything since I have a wedding to pay for. I decide I will put on my Holiday Cheer and share. {groan under my voice}

Fabulous Raynee and Dan

So then we head to Barrister to get our wine on after drinking all the way around the Christmas Tree.
I don't feel one bit bad for being a drunk mess and yelling at each tree that " I WANT YOU NOW" with everyone dressed in their best looking. Fu#k them! I was having a blast...

Now I have been on my Caribou Lou we didn't last too long at the winery since I needed to get trashed. It was one of those days!
So Caribou Lou's all night again.

no puking!

Saturday...different story. Went bowling. That's normal you drink a little bit and what not, but I am sorry I am a huge bowling fanatic and if you are being an asshole next to me I am going to be the bitch. So this party of Russians who didn't speak a lick of english would not give me a 1 lane comfort!! You don't just start bowling when I am standing up there. So bitchface came out 2 caribou lou's, 1 rockstar Vodka, and 2 grapfruit vodka tonics later of course

"excuse me, could you please wait until after I have finished bowling before you go up to the line, I need a 1 lane courtesy"

him:" russian russian russian russian, bitch"

Me: "well maybe if you knew what you were doing in the first place and not running down the lanes like a savage animal I wouldn't have to be the bitch"

him: "russian russian, drops kicks the bowling ball down the lane!, turns to his friends and all start laughing at me"

Thank goodness this mami showed them up though looking at my score of 116 to their mere 40. Give me a break and get the eff off my lane.

Also, on the score note Brandon and I had a bet. If I beat him he had to buy me a new pair of shoes up to $100 if he beat me I had to buy him some new Jordans

Brandon: 113
Taylor: 116


We finished our night at a house party at our friends Alex and Krista. It was rad and way too much Smirnhoff Fluffled Marshmallow Vodka with rootbeer

Why did I not know about this when I was underage?!
this Sh#t is the business!!
plus when you say you want it fluffed and whipped, makes the drink even a little more hotter.

I think the best part after all this mess of shots we had was either

A. Going home and going to bed peacefully
B. Going home, cleaning up, taking my pups out and going to bed peacefully
C. Going home, throwing up for 2 hours while B was passed out in bed, Sleeping on the little tiny bathroom mat. Naked-I have to be naked when I throw up. Don't know why just do and then dry heaving in my bed and I seriously look like a tyrannasaurus rex when I barf mised with a teradactyl with the arm flailing and heave noises.

Needless to say my Sunday was uneventful. I didn't pull my big titted butt off the couch. I didn't wear a bra all day. Just wtched football and drank more beer. I needed the hair of the dog and dammit it really did make me feel better!

Time for the rest of the week!!!

Ugly sweaters galore tomorrow!


Megan said...

This post had me cracking up! 1. I want to go on a wine walk. 2. I hope you enjoy your new shoes!! 3. I've heard whipped vodka with root beer is delightful but I have yet to try it. Don't know why. 4. I also take my clothes off when I'm intoxicated and vomiting. I don't know why but it's become a problem.

Hope you have a fabulous week!

Amber said...

Your T-Rex comment killed me! I am the same way, it is nasty for real. I never let my hubby hear or see me do such grossness but the last time I got sick I was too drunk to know what was going on and he held my hair and I think he is scarred for life. He keeps talking about the noises my throat was making. lol. N-A-S-T-Y. You are a trip.

Amber said...

p.s. whipped with sunkist is like a dreamsicle that will get you shitty. highly recommend this.

Holly said...

hahahaha O Taylor :)
Glad you had a shitfaced drunken weekend. I need to go to a wine walk STAT. Bowling is my fave<-LOVE. Cant wait till you get your new shoes. and yesterday would have been even more amazing if you would have won the football bet. Damn dolphins.

Raven said...

Oh Taylor, I need more of you in my life. Getch YO ass down here before I have to beat it.


Mrs. Julius said...

This post is too funny. I love the part of you yelling at the tree "I WANT YOU NOW"...i was dying laughing!

Amy Childress said...

HOLY SHIZ BALLS!! i have been seeing that vodka whipped and fluffy in magizine ads lately, and with ROOTBEER..damn i bet that is awesome, i must try this asap..

thanks for letting me know it was good!

"tyrannasaurus rex when I barf mised with a teradactyl with the arm flailing and heave noises"

hilarious im dying over here...

Young and Fabulous said...

I seriously look like a tyrannasaurus rex when I barf mised with a teradactyl with the arm flailing and heave noises.

taylor i cant breathe i am laughing so hard about that HAHAHAH

your wine walk sounded fantastic I wanna come! and bowl! i love bowling!


californiadreamin said...

haha the puke sound description is right on! Oh and Im with you - I have to be naked when I throw up. I can't' stand anything touching me

Casey said...

I love reading your blog, Taylor! And today I gave you the Liebster Blog Award over at my blog! Check it out!