Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Tanz

I seriously had the worst effin Christmas I could have ever had
First we had to open presents before Christmas Vacation to Arizona

What I got on Christmas Day 1...

A Kobo Reader
A cake pop maker
A Shark Steam mop
who knew I would get so excited about having to mop my floors...
A personalized Clarisonic
Is that not the most unthoughtful thing ever? Seriously.

a paraffin hand dip station
This was all I got...seriously he could have done a lot better don't you think?


On Christmas Day I ended up with a pair of Ray Ban Sunglasses

and the movie Dolphin Tale

I am feeling as if my fiance doesn't know me at all!!!!

We end up flying home 2 days after Christmas to only be surprised by more Christmas gifts at our house from my mother.

Do I seriously have to open more gifts for myself?..this is dragging on...

My oh so unthoughtful mother bought me 

A Michael Kors leather jacket
I would have taken a pic of the jacket but I wore it today and didn't try to look cute and I am not going to go primp myself right now. but I will have some pics later

She got me

red pair of jeans
a pair of Silver jeans

some Betsy Johnson Make up bag set of 4
THAT'S it!!!

Gosh I feel gypped this Christmas, not to mention the new ornaments I was sent from various family members and the fact I still have to go to Seattle and have Christmas with my dad next week.

More presents....You have got to be kidding me.

All we did in flippen Arizona was sit by the pool, drink margarita's and get sun burned
Such a drag in December...

Went to a zoo to see some animals..they were alright I guess...



then I fed a giraffe which was ok if you are into feeding giraffes

I mean like everyone has fed a giraffe haven't they..anyways

After this entire boring day of seeing animals, feeding giraffes, being in 60 degree weather while at home it was snowing hard. We had to wash it down with some drinks and football.

It was just a drag that I had to wear tank tops and shorts, maybe a light jacket here and there around Christmas time. I would have been better wearing 5-6 layers of clothing, ugg boots with socks, then a down jacket and scarf to top it all off. 
Damn this nice weather!

Hope no one else had a miserable Christmas as I did.

P.s. I hope everyone knows that this is a total joke and I was making a mockery of it, I feel like I was so blessed this Christmas not because of what I got but also what I have, though what I got I think was pretty high on the scale to outdo next Christmas.

Have to say my most favorite is my Leather Jacket and Clarisonic, I am catching up on people's Christmas blogs, so hard but I will leave you love!


Young and Fabulous said...

i think the best thing in the world is that timon and pumba are actually real life animals lol

your christmas sounded amazing!!! my momma also got one of those face scrubber clarisol thingies..shes obsessed!!



Sarah said...

I'm so jealous you got to feed a giraffe! Those are my favorite animals EVER.

Sounds like you had a great Christmas! :)

Rebecca said...

that clairsonic is amazing!! and isnt it so weird how they have black tongues!

Lyosha said...

love the zoo! and the products are very nice as well!

Inside and Outside Blog

Amber said...

You so crazy girl.

Michelle said...

Bwahahaha. This post is amazing.

I love all your holiday loot!!!! Don't forget to post a pic of your faboosh leather jacket!!!

Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas!!!!!

Jeremy and Megan said...

you are so funny! I figured you were joking until the part of the clairsonic and then I was like hmmm maybe she isn't joking! lol We went to the zoo on our holiday vacay too! The zoo we went to was TINY though! Looks like you had fun!! :)

Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition said...

Love how you wrote this post! It made me laugh : ) Looks like you got some amazing goodies, girl! I'm still wanting a Clarisonic...may have to use some of my Christmas money to buy one!

Traci said...

I just came across this blog and was like, who does this girl think she is? Geesh! I think those gifts are pretty sweet, I wonder what she was expecting. Anyway glad to hear you were joking, ha ha very funny!

Alyssa said...

Wow, what sucky Christmas hahah!

Jill said...

I dont know anyone that has fed a giraffe! So youve got an a+ in my book girlfriend! haha sounds like you ha a fun Christmas! Love the gifts!

You made out more than I did! But seriously, my best gift of all, is having my precious daughter Sadie here :) love her to pieces!

anyways I got your email I am so terribly sorry. Give her many hugs and be there for her as i am sure you are! xoxox Have a blessed and smashin new year girl!

ashley.warner said...

um, i loved all the photos, but I am loving the CLARISONIC!!

ps. i am hosting a giveaway for a HOPE NECKLACE if you're interested.

Anonymous said...

I got the cake pop maker too! =D