Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ever played..."What kind of animal do I look like?"

Have you ever asked someone if you were an animal what sort of animal you looked like. Some people look like their dogs they own

Some are cuter than others...

So after reviewing this and playing this game at work with my peers I logged in their answers...

This is what I look like...

Me: What kind of animal do I look like?

Person 1: Some kind of bobcat, linx, or wild kitty cat. You have a round face like a lynx or something.

Me: Meow, baby. Meow.

Me: If you could see me turn into any animal based on what I look like what would I turn into?

Person 2: Some kind of woodland creature...

Me: A woodland creature...? all I can think of for that is some kind of fairy or troll!!!

Person 2: Yup, something like that...

Me: ok well than I better be the most beautiful fairy ever!

Me: What kind of animal do I look like?

Person 3: I don't want to answer that question

Me: c'mon just do it for my blog just don't say I look like a pig or an elephant

Person 3:  I still don't want to answer that question...

Me: oh what so you think I am ugly and couldn't look like a fairy or a super awesome cat.

Person 3: I am going back to work

Me: lame ass.

Me: I went out to the crew room..."Hey guy, if you could say I looked like an animal what animal do I look like?

Guy 1: My mom's old horse

Me: Not funny. Jackass!

Guy 2: Tose little creatures that sing " i like to move it move it"

Guy 3: Definitely a shrew...

Me: I seriously look like a freaking Shrew?!

Guy 3: you have a mousy type face

Me...Storm back to my office to see what a shrew looks like

are you f#$%ing kidding me?

So my results I look like some Exotic mouse with big eyes and fairy wings.

That is what I put together by some of the assholes I work with.

I would have been much happier if one said I looked like a

What kind of animal do you look like...or if you dar tell me what type of animal I look like...


Amy Childress said...


I much rather say u look like a Unicorn...all nice and majestic..
a Unicorn


rkjalernpan said...

This post made my evening. So glad I found it.

Young and Fabulous said...

hahah ive never done that!! and no u dont look like a shrew!!

id say you look like a very cute cuddly animal....hmm maybe a panda actually!

when i wear my hear au nautral (aka no drying or straightening) I look like a wild animal. Yup...just a wild animal hahah


Impulsive Addict said...

HAHAHAHA! This is so funny!! I for sure think you DO NOT look like a shrew! EWWW!

Some kind of sexy beast....with boobs and nice hair. I'll have to keep thinking of an animal....

Have a great weekend!

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

omg. This just made me laugh so so so hard. ;) My high school boyfriend used to tell me that I looked like a mouse. Ugh. Although, I can kind of see that being true. Hope it's a cute mouse, though....more like Minnie and less like a rat. ;)

Soooooo I guess if I had to pick an animal for you: Maybe, ummm, oh gosh I DONT KNOW !! And I'm usually good at picking people's animals alter egos...let me think. ;)