Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tattoo Link up!!

A Mommas Desires and Pacifiers

I am one addicted beeyotch to tatted up ladies and would love to be known as the "illustrated woman" one day..but not before my wedding, just don't need all that color and art in my white dress..but after i am going apeshit with tats!

Who doesn't love tattoos?

old people?

Well screw them all because I think this is the BEST way of expressing yourself and also adding sex appeal to your body!

when you have those "peek-a-boo" tattoos you can not tell me that guys don't think "hmm I wonder how far that goes down" or "what's left of that tat I can't see"

Now even I want to know what is further down her back!

Now I got my first tattoo the day I turned 18,i couldn't wait one more day after having my beautiful cousin Raven who always told me since i was little how awesome they were, I knew I had to have one to be like the one I admire but also for myself

So my first tattoo was after  my favorite animal and also the one of the very few mammals besides humans that have sex for pleasure...I guess that was the added bonus!

(i regret not putting lotion on before this)

Then just a few short 3 days later, my dad said I and some girlfriends could go bowling, so daddy gave me some money to pay for a couple games of bowling and shoes for 3 girls...well too bad we got to the bowling alley late and they were all full...but the tattoo shop was right down the voila!

on my lower left hip I got a hibiscus, I guess my "reasoning" for this one was because my dad was born in Hawaii and since he paid for it without knowing I might as well make a tribute out of it right...

he didn't think it was amusing as I did

now it was time for the 3rd one

Which Raven and I got done together

on our way to the tattoo shop

Raven getting her dragonfly
me getting my butterfly
us with the tattoo artist and she was so freaking sweet!
finished product...

The I was a freaking moron and added my EX fiance's initials
There is a KDS if you can find it...that will be covered before my wedding...

(Brandon said he wants to cheese grate it off my foot)

Then to get my 4th which is my pride and joy
it means "older sister" in Japanese cause my cousins are Japanese and my little sister is my pride and joy! 
so next to this one...this means that my sister is going to get "little sister" when she turns 18...
my mom doesn't like this idea

Now to the...what number are we on..?

oh yes the 5th...
Which was the most painful thing I have done! the ribs are the worst and I would tattoo the rest of my body but not my ribs!
Don't mind the bra...hard to keep these nungas out of this picture!
this I got from a necklace that I bought from some street rapper in downtown Seattle on the waterfront...but I loved it!

ok last one...or is it....?

On my inner bicep (which are huge btw!) I have my fleur di lis! I am that much of a Saints fan i had to have them live with me forever! it was a whim tattoo but i love Zebra print so I had him incorporate that in there as well...

Now...I have 1 more...
wouldn't you like to know where it is...

well sorry I can not show it on here since Brandon won't let me put it up even though I could cover my laday parts and you could see it..but I have a teensy little writing on my umm "pants button line" that says "Thank your Lucky Stars" can say how slutty and whoreish that is...and if I saw that on someone I would think the same thing...but then again i totally regret it and think it is so funny the look on people's faces when they actually see it.

I'm not a hooker..just have a sick sense of humor
I will give you that little sneak peek...



californiadreamin said...

So glad you posted these! Love your rib tattoo. I've been begging the hubs to gift me my desired tattoo on my ribs as well, for the past 2 holidays :) Ive heard it hurts like a mutha' and is by far the most painful. Even tattoo artists covered from head to toe (including lip!) said it was the worst

Amber said...

Sexy Bitch! I love all of them! You are a wild child! luvs it!

Steff said...

Why'd you have to take your shirt off for the inner arm one?! Or it that a swimsuit? haha

I'm definitely nervous about getting my ribs done. I have a half-sleeve and a chest piece among other tattoos, but that's the main part I'm nervous about! Eek!

Courtney said...

I like yours a lot! The one on your ribs is HOT! I have zero. Because I'm a big big scardy cat. I love them on other people. My fiancé has one. I have talked to him about getting one symbolizing us but I don't know what I would want yet!

Victoria said...

Hey girl thanks for following my blog! Im following yours now too. Gotta say, I LOVE your tats and I am right there with ya on how sexy/artistic that they are. When I get in shape I am sure I will want some more. I laughed out loud at that part about your ex fiances initials... you saw my post im sure, imagine having his whole name and yalls anniversary, my bf now is super cool about it... but i cant wait to have it removed! As far as your lucky stars one... I think that is friggin hilarious, and any guy that gets to see it probably should thank his lucky stars!! haha sooo cute. So happy to meet a new blog friend!


Lizzy said...

I say if we ever meet up, I get to see the one Brandon says you can't show anyone! If I had one down there, I would totally show you! hehe

Nhart said...

I love your tattoos especially the fluer di lis i love then zebra print in there

Bethany said...

OMGah you're so my new bff! SERIOUSLLYYYY!! How did the inner bicep feel? [compared to ribs... cause those effing hurt BUT I could handle it].

Holly said...

You are a tatted up sexy lil thing, now arent ya?!
I love them all, and you're "thank your lucky stars" I die. haha.
I have 5, I need more. Thinking about getting one on my wrist ;)

Steph@ Living The Young Life said...

cool tats!!!

Anonymous said...

i love your tat on your ribs! i want one there so bad. and on my foot and a million more places,lol. anyway, i love your blog almost as much as your ink!

dottie said...

Grate your foot off!! You are a riot. Love your tattoos! I love the "thank your lucky stars" I think it's hilarious!

Imagine explaining that one to your grand kids! Ha, ha! "Grandma loves astrology! I wanted to be an astronaut when I was younger!"

Raquel said...

I love your tattoos!

KatyK said...

I love your tats! Especially the Saints Fleur de Lis. WHO DAT!

I want more sooo bad...but I'm broke...and worried how folks will react to a tatted up Momma. Oh well I'm grown. Lol my tat is very close to the lady parts too. There was some creative photoshopping done in Ohio today :)

Ashley said...

I love when people share their tattoos, I've decided to reshare my post about my five tattoos, and how some of them mean, regret.


Mrs. Robinson said...

Hi! New follower...found you through Raven. LOVE your tattoos...especially the "slutty one you regret" haha. I have one I regret too and I'm sure that most people see it and think that I'm a whore. But it's cool. :)

Ashley Slater said...

um, I love you taylor. that is all :)


Amber said...

Love your tattoos! So much fun!

Lauren said...

i want that fleur di lis!!! i love that design. i want it on my wrist and i want it now... but alas, i have to wait and see where my degree takes me before i ink up. it's a shame, because i want like 8265843 tattoos.. seriously.