Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My kick off to New Years! and a trip to Punta Cana!!!

Alright ladies!!! Since I have been the worst blogger in the world right now! I think I am finally in my zone!

I am kicking off my new years to an amazing start!!! my 5 new things I have already started and semi-accomplishing

1.Getting healthy
-I have started an Arbonne 7 day cleanse system, which is doing me wonders in just 3 days! and doesn't taste like sh!t
(I also want to work on not swearing...) oops
2. Brandon and I have decided we want the Lord more into our lives and are attending a church we can walk to every Sunday and Wednesday

3. Working my At Home business with Arbonne and getting my volume up to be able to quit my normal day to day job

4. Get closer to my friends who I have been distant with, since they are always there for me and I need to be a better friend and be there for them

5. Get out of all my debt and get this wedding show on the road!

So to my goal with Arbonne for some of you that don't know I am a District Manager for Arbonne Cosmetics, which is an all VEGAN distributor of cosmetics as well as healthy living supplements.
There is no animal fat, mineral oil, lard, or crude petrol oil in these products which can be found in:
-Estee Lauder
-Bare Minerals (Petro)
-Mary Kay
-Cover Girl--> as well as all cosmetics found at the grocery store

those are just a few that mainly use dead animal fat in their make up.

How many times do you re apply?
How many times do you get the eyeshadow crease?
How many times are you buying new make up?

Arbonne there is no need to re-apply it matches the tones in your skin for a flawless finish as well as all day stay (even after the gym)

Since I started wearing Arbonne in October I have never had that filthy crease from my eye lid grease!


Arbonne is long lasting since it is made with pure botanicals you are using the entire product and nothing else. 1 bottle of cover up will last you up to a year, My cleanser that I use twice a day everyday is less than 8 fl. oz and isn't even half gone...SINCE OCTOBER!!

This isn't one of my funny blogs I want to be sucessful in 2012 and get my dream of being a stay at home mom and be able to give my children everything they want (when that time comes)

I am asking a big favor for my Washington girls! Host a party and help me out, i will come to your home with everything, bring a bottle of wine and share with you the amazingness of these products.

Now who would I be if i didn't giveaway something free!

If you book and host a party I promise to bring you a basket full of goodies, as well as 80% anything you order and a free $50.00 gift.

This company has been amazing to me and I am almost there to matching my paycheck that I recieve now!

I will say it again...

I started in OCTOBER----> DECEMBER and I am matching my paychecks that my current job pays me, and I can tell you I make well over $60,000 a year....you tell me what you would like to do?!

Great cosmetics that are great for the environment and food for your skin!
it only takes 26 seconds for your body to soak up what you put on it. I do not want to soak up any road kill fat.

This years incentive trip is to PUNTA CANA!!!!
This would be a free honeymoon for me and anyone who signs up with me receives the chance to be in this picture!

What does it take to host a party...?

Invite 4-5 girlfriends, bottle of wine, and maybe some snacks.

I do all the rest! I just want the help from other women who want great skin and great skin care!



Lizzy said...

Can I get in on this trip even though I don't live in Washington?! That place looks amazing!

I also want to buy some products from you, but I have no money right now! As soon as I get tax money back, I'll hit you up!

Amy Childress said...


I have been missing my lovely Taylor.. i hope all is well my dear. text meee i feel like we have lost our love.

Sarah said...

If you weren't all the way across the country I would totally book a party with you! This sounds so fun!! I hope you win that amazing trip to Punta Cana!!

Holly said...

umm, ya, definitely checking out the products and I will let you know. I am so happy your back to blogging and wedding planning.

Jill said...

awesome resolutions girl!

and I would love to go to PC! awesome! you go girl!

Impulsive Addict said...

I was a DM with Arbonne too. I realized that I'm not a sales person but I've been using their products faithfully for 10 years. I LOVE them!

I never went on a trip with them. *sad face* GOOD LUCK with your business! It's an amazing company!!

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

You are doing some awesome things, girl! Hooray for Arbonne AND finding a church! Happy 2012!!!!!!!

Lauren said...

I'm a new follower! :) Love love love your blog! Your so pretty!


Courtney said...

Heey! Just found your blog from Holly. We have tons in common! Im engaged. Got engaged 7 months after meeting my fiance:) And we are saints fans! And my cousins from Spokane. Just to name a few haha

Lindsey said...

If your sexy ass lived in Texas you alreadyyyy know I'd book a party with ya!!!!

Ashley said...

if i wasn't on the complete opposite coast, i'd totally host ;)

love all your goals. ok i'm totally googling arbonne cleanse now! :)

Bruised Not Broken said...

Taylor are you willing to travel to the tri-cities to do a party? I would love to see your products and I know some of my friends would join!

Amber said...

I need to check out these products! Major bummer that I live all the way across the country, we could have one hell of a party :)