Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Did I really spend 6 hours doing...

I am sure a lot of you have either skimmed craigslist or even sold your own things on craigslist. I am helping out a friend who needed some things sold. 

Nothing you ladies would be interested in...

Except maybe some never been used brand new in the box snowboard bindings? GNU size Large

Alright, so as I am posting a bunch of these for sale ads and trying to check out the competition, I somehow clicked on "men seeking men" I have never ever seen that stuff on Craigslist

I must not have been looking hard enough.

haha! Just kidding I am just not the type to look for a partner or a relationship with someone by an ad. Of course I see some of the most 'hilarious' 'ridiculous' ads on there on how they get a partner to respond. Some with pictures!! 

My eyes were burning on some of them, well this lead to an in depth conversation with one of my male friends who would be interested in finding another male to decode this secret craigslist language.

My post is really going nowhere except I was on here for 6 hours!!! Just reading everyone's ads.

I have no life

Well, only then to bring me to check out the men seeking woman...what exactly do guys write on their craigslist post to make all the ladies 'swoon' over to them…?

1st title "If you like it hairy I'm the one 4 U"
With pic including a severely hairy individual.

2nd title "Married seeking long lime lova"
Seriously?! You just throw it out there like that? I would love to respond and meet up and pull some sneaky shit to find their wife and let them know what a POS their husband is. 

3rd title "Looking for a make out partner"
This person just wants to make out. His statement is complete with "you must be a good kisser, not interested in anything else, I would just like to make out."

4th title and by far the best!

Cuddly bear seeks cute bbw for a delightful romp

I couldn't contain my laughter just reading these and you can only imagine what was behind this post.

I don't know how I would feel about meeting someone or the type of people that actually get in contact with these people with a post like that. 

It pretty much summed up my day and if any of you ever need a good laugh or a pick me up to feel better about yourself. Read the "Men seeking Men, Men Seeking Woman" ads on Craigslist guaranteed to lift you out of any rut! 


Anonymous said...

HAHAHA! Some of those titles are absolutely hilarious, especially that last one. People these days (:

Kenya @ Life with Giggles said...

Whenever you are feeling down, those ads will surely make you laugh!

KatyK said...

I've totally skimmed through those ads before for a good laugh. Its all fun and games until you come across someone you know...eeep.

Sarah Beth said...

Oh you HAVE to look at the "missed connections" section... Hilarious. You'll be amused for hours!

Erin @ Keep Calm and Sparkle said...

I spend hours reading the missed connections. HILARIOUS!!

Bethany Scruggs said...

i love you tay!

Olivia.Dee said...

ive been known to get sucked into the missed connections on craigslist for HOURS... there is some good stuff in there.

Lizzy said...

If you need to kill time, that is totally the way to do it!!! Looking at the ads on craigslist for partners is too funny! You can easily kill a few hours doing that.

Stilettos Stuck In Snow said...

So funny! True story, my friend from work's sister met her husband on Craiglist...i guess it was before dating websites. Still a bit creepy!