Thursday, November 22, 2012


I felt like a huge f@#$ing pimple late.y A little down in the dumps and putting it out here, when I want to be the one you come to for a laugh, a giggle, a great conversation. 

I am thankful I have followers who I have connected with on such a deep level during the past few months. I am turning around today! 

I am thankful that my dad has taken me and all my crazy sh!t into his retired home with open arms and my 2 fur children.

I am thankful that same dad makes me a lunch everyday and cuts the crust off my sandwiches to take to my new job. 

I am thankful my sister has opened up out of her shell and realized how beautiful she is and what a wonderful heart she has. I have never felt so much love for her when I read her Facebook and every single post a friend has put on her wall starts with "I just love you so much and you make me feel so special"
I love reading what a difference she is making at 16 in all these other girls lives. 

I am thankful for my mother listening to all my drama, crying faces, potty mouth and still can be my rock my knight in shining armor. I just wish she lived closer to me so I could hug her everyday.

I buy neutrogena body oil just because she uses it. So when I miss her too much I can smell it and be comforted

These are the 3 people in my life who mean the absolute most to me. I love both my parents to death even when they try and be parents and I want to be 5 yrs. old again sometimes. They are still amazing. 

My little sister is incredible with an incredible heart and I am so jealous of the way she carries herself and puts her aura into the world. I know she will grow up into a fabulous woman.

I am so thankful for my bloggy bestie Holly She is definitely a rock in my life who has been going through similar experiences to me and her keeping her head up makes me keep my head up. We finally got to meet in October at Disneyland and she just makes my heart happy.

I am thankful for blogging and bringing women into my life that I talk to more than I talk to my "Real Life" friends. It is great to know I have this support system, I have vents, I have people who when my head starts floating into space I know I can log in and know I have almost 500 people who will talk to me. Who I would love to help them through every problem in their life. I open my arms to anyone who wants into my life. I love this, I wouldn't give it up for anything.

I love all you beautiful bitches who I get the honor of talking to on a daily basis. 

Eat some Turkey, Mashed potatoes, NO VEGETABLES! 

Happy Thanksgiving! 


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you have been down in the dumps lately.. But remembering all you have to be thankful for is a great way to help you perk up a little bit! & Just so you know, you are way too gorgeous to be a pimple. Just sayin.
I'm just an hour or so away if you ever need anything :) One of these days I will send some apple butter up your way! It's freaking delicious (yes I am totally complimenting my own cooking skills) :D
Happy Thanksgiving!!
xoxo ♥

Just a Girl said...

Congrats on the new job! Hope it is going well! Is this the one you were telling me about?

Holly said...

HELLO! I dont know why I am just seeing this! BUT I LOOOOVE YOU!!!!
Thankful for YOU! you are so strong and beautiful! never ever forget that! xoxoxoxoxo