Monday, November 5, 2012

My birthday month!!!

November is the most fabulous-o of the months! I love the changing of colors, getting ready for Thanksgiving, and starting to bundle up. 

Granted I love the feeling of being in a bikini but I love being in cute sweaters, boots, and some skinny jeans! 

I was born November 10, 1988 I am a full blown Scorpio and proud of it! 

You could be frequently defending your values or your worth these days, dear Scorpio, with Mars in your solar second house. It's a great time to work on self-esteem issues. You are no longer on the offensive, and that is important, but do avoid being too defensive. You might be more confident about pursuing money during this time, but could also be prone to impulsive buying. Today, your emotions run more deeply than usual, and while you can get very hung up on an injustice or a resentment if you're not careful, you can also choose to pour your energy into something more constructive. Creativity: Good; Relationship: Fair; Business: Good

Ok tell me this isn't the most perfect horoscope for what I am going through. My marriage failing, not working, and searching for any ways to make money. 

The impulsive buying...So my new diet has been stress! Seriously girls this works!!

Just get stressed out is Step 1
Worry about every little thing until you are so morbidly sick to your stomach is Step 2
Then voila you fit into pants you never thought you could! Step 3!

Easy right?!

Just kidding! I do not recommend this but it has worked for me. I went from a size 2 to a size 0 in just a week! 

Fits perfectly and I don't look like a busted can of biscuits, although my arm right on my side looks like a chunk's not. 

I wish I could tell you I bought these amazing pants in this amazing size..but I did not. I had to buy the size 2 because I know once I am back being my super happy self instead of faking it, the weight will come back and I want to be able to wear these pants. 

But damn it feels like a f$%^ing good birthday present to know in my head i can wear those!

Ok enough of the big headed-ness! I am so stoked for my birthday, my good friend, Calle has planned out an entire night at Tia Lou's in downtown Seattle! No cover! No drink charges, No lines! So every blogger that is in the Seattle area is welcome!! I would honestly love to have a bloggy meet up there on my birthday!! 

I am excited to be turning 24, i do hate the getting older part. But I love what comes with being 24, you are no longer looked at as a child but somewhat of an adult. I have been getting carded less and less, which is nice cause I tend to not have to bring my ID with me and shove it in my bra...but then I feel like I look too old, but whatever! I'll look the way I look! 

I am 1 year away from being able a car..? by myself...that's an accomplishment...haha! 

I would say I would love to have a baby at 24 but we all know that's not going to happen. So we can just move on. 

I have been more acceptable to drinking wine. By myself. Out of the bottle.

I have thought about getting a cat.

Alrighty for some pictures! 

Junior Prom

Pre boobs!!

Senior year high school

 I had to rock those cholo eyebrows and pink lips! 

 First road trip to Leavenworth 

19th birthday

Way too much make up and dumb ass 2 blonde streaks
Mexico with my brother and older sister
 November 8, 2009...2 days before I was 21 and my dad found this picture when he went to the next Seahawks game and it had the date on it, not that bad but he was a little disappointed

 22nd birthday dinner
 22nd birthday night!

 I wish I could say that was Cristal...but it was probably Andre...but it was it was good
Perfect 22nd birthday gift

The last present of my 22nd birthday was being taken to my 1st Sounders game!

We won't get into my 23rd birthday since it ended in a proposal that never lasted. I told him I didn't want him to screw up my birthday, dammit!! 

Oh well 24 will have amazing things to come, I am already ready to take on anything being thrown. I have a positive attitude and a huge personality! 

I for-see some trips being taken to meet some other fellow bloggers...cough cough-Chicago(AMY)


ashleigh said...

um if you go to chi-town to meet amy; i wanna come too hahah
and what the hell is that contraption on your head when you were like 6?
and damn girl you have had your hair every color, every length..and you rock it all.

Ash said...

happy birthday month, lady!

and, hey, at least he only ruined ONE birthday.. you'll have like 95 birthdays that weren't ruined..

and yes, i just predicted you will die at 96.. long life, no? lots of whoring around to do, too (;

Mrs. Newlywed Giggles said...

Happy Birthday!

Holly said...

haha LOVE this! cheers to your birthday my scorpoo TWIN! xoxo

KatyK said...

Cheers to your birthday month...and honey at least you caught the foolishness early. Took me almost SEVEN YEARS. Lol I take solace in the fact that I too am young (27) and there are lots of fish in the see and I'm freakin awesome and so are you!

Southern Sass said...

Happy early Birthday! You were born 10 days before me! I still feel like I am 18 most days. haha

Lindsey said...

You're my birthday twin! Although mine is Nov. 10, 1982. Ya, Im an old bitch. Hope you have an awesome day/night! You are so young and as cliche as it sounds, you have your whole life ahead of you. Enjoy it!

Amber said...

Happy Birthday Month!!

Annabelle said...

YAY BIRTHDAY MONTH! Come to the East Coast hoooka! ;) Oh and nice ass in the Jeggings!

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday month!!! My b-day is the 14th...woot woot!!

I'll finish up that guest post soon. I ended up having another surgery last week so I haven't been with it much lately.


K said...

OMG NONE of your posts showed up on my Dashboard, apparently Blogger doesn't want me to read you! And hot damn you are freaking skinny girl!

Kathleen said...

I love Tia Lou's! I just went to a bachelorette party there! Happy Birthday month!