Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Remember that game, "I've Never"?

We all have played that game "I've Never", Correct?

If not i feel bad for you because it was the ultimate game along the lines of spilling all your truths and I used to play it in band class all the time.

1st chair tenor saxophone, what what!

Ok so if you haven't played "I've never" you put up both hands...jazz hands
Every time someone says, "I've never..." you put a finger down if you have done that thing the other person said they have never done.

You want to have the most fingers up by the end of the game, or last person to put your last finger down.

alright so we clear on how this works...

I am going to put X amount of "I've Nevers" up and if you have never done 1 of these things you are probably GOD.

I've never....

-put someone down
-made fun of a person's looks, personality, dysfunctional family
-how someone else lives
-purposely victimized someone whether by words or physically
-deceived someone close to me
-talked shit about someone based on another's opinions
-stalked someone just to laugh at their expense
-seen the silver lining 
-hurt myself to make me feel better
-hurt others to make me feel good about myself
-failed at something I was so proud of
-given up
-been cheated on
-made myself look better for someone else instead of myself
-changed my life to appease another
-listened to that statement, "If you don't have anything nice to say don't say it"
-used a friend
-made plans and cancelled
-forgotten an important date
-had an embarrassing moment
-photoshopped my pictures to make me "hotter"
-taken a person's words out of context to use against them
-verbally or physically abused someone
-hurt my body to look better for society
-taken a stranger's words to heart
-used foul language
-had a typo
-made someone cry themselves to sleep
-made an ass of myself
-started a fight I couldn't finish

A lot of this list is from the heart and some ideas from close friends. Bullying seems to be the number 1 thing that goes on and it breaks my heart to see kids being bullied in school, at home, online, etc. So they take their own life. How would you feel being on the end where you know you have made someone feel bad about themselves either directly or indirectly? I know I would never want that burden on me.

I put up the I've never and whoever reads this if you have all 10 fingers up by the end of this, please tell me your secret.

If not maybe rethinking what you say before you say it will come forward just a little bit. I know I have been on the receiving end of some of these, but I have dished out my fair share as well. 

I don't want to be that kind of person. I walk around tall and head held straight but I will help anyone that ever needed it. I want to be the type of person someone can lean on, talk to, and confide in. Not putting down, making fun of, or purposely hurting someone's feelings. It can't ever let anyone feel good about themselves. Just take into consideration small things like this. 

Don't worry be happy!


happymommy said...

Love this!!! The stories about bullying on the news lately just make me sick and the kids that take their lives because of it, so very sad. I did not have all 10 fingers up at the end of that list...nobody is perfect but we can all strive to be better!!!

Chelsea said...

What a great post. Definitely makes me think about decisions I've made in the past and if I've grown from them.

Alice said...

Holy shit! I'm a horrible person! I did at least 5 of these just this morning. :(

Anonymous said...

Love this! I was totally thinking of writing a bullying post to follow up to a previous bullying post I had, but then I remembered I closed my blog because of bullies this week. Funny how that goes, isn't it? High five to you for this post, pure awesomeness!

KatyK said...

Good for you missy. I hate the shiz I've seen on twitter lately directed at both you and Raven...comments about your dad's accident? That's just too far. I did my own post on this subject not too long ago as one of my local blog buddies was subject to some bullying. I just feel like if you don't like my blog don't read it. You don't like my tweets don't follow. Build up don't tear down.

Anonymous said...

Girl I so wish I had all my fingers up at the end of this post, but I was awful through high school and I regret the way I was.. because I know I hurt a lot of people for no reason. This is a great post though! Bullying is so huge right now, and so unnecessary.

K said...

Such a great post! I think a lot of people need to think twice before they say or do something. This shit is getting out of control.