Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Seahawks take another win!

Seahawks are looking mighty fine out there!!

5-4 baby!!!

Can anyone say Marshawn Lynch?! he has got some absolute leg power! But i was very impressed with Vikings, Adrian Peterson! Man that guy!!! I am at a loss for words...good job Minnesota on picking him up, but thank you for not kicking our ass and giving us a fantastic game!

Number 24 and I'll be 24 on Saturday...this was destiny!
First MN touched down
Then SEA with Golden Tate on the receiving end
SEA again Mr. Sidney Rice
Adrian Peterson on MN to get the score 14-14
Field goal bringing those Vikings to the top of our scoreboard 17-14
Golden Tate(Sea) again! Boom shack a lack! 17-20
MARSHAWN LYNCH touchdown!!!
Vikings can take their pity field goal since they just couldn't map it down the field
Seattle takes their last field goal Making the ending score 20-30 SEATTLE SEAHAWKS!!!

The night concluded with Fuzzy Moon's and Duck Farts

Let's be clear that the saying "Beer before liquor, never sicker and liquor before beer have no fear"  I drank 2 fuzzy moons before my friends decided we were going to take 2 shots of duck farts. I wasn't wasted or drunk by any means, I had a nice buzz but holy sh!t worst stomach ache in the world, inducing vomiting was not happening. Next week we welcome the Jets to the Clink! I have to say I believe my Hawks will stomp them as well! 



ty said...

Peterson went to college with me, and every time he did something good on the field, I'd drunkenly scream, "THAT MY BABYDADDY!!!"

Classy. I know. But I love him so much.

Carly Ann said...

AH, I SO love it when the Seahawks can play to their potential! I wish they would be a little more consistent this year, but I think they are definitely kicking ass and taking names!